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This will begin to push our karmic truths right into the limelight, so get ready for a heap of reality checks and revelations about things that have been lying beneath the surface. This will bring up many issues concerning communication, travel, and technology. Get the computer and the car fixed up early in the month to avoid hassles. Mercury will go retrograde officially on Tuesday, November 6, , Election Day, so get ready for a wild ride! Aries March April 19 Focus on relationships and networking this month.

And breathe a sigh of relief now that Saturn is no longer opposing you.

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Taurus April May 20 Reel yourself in and focus on health and well-being. You are about to enter a phase where Saturn in Scorpio will begin to racket up your lesson learning schedule. Be conservative and strong, but flexible when confronted with obstacles.

Single Geminis, Cupid is gunning for you, so look out! Cancer June July 21 Tense but exciting forces are lining up in the career and networking departments of your life.

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Strive for balance, not just progress. Remember not to spread yourself too thin. It will end up costing you a lot in the long run. Hunker down and try to solve one problem at a time. A cautious outlook will lead you to success. Virgo August September 22 Relationships, both business and personal, might be driving you nuts right now.

Do focus on financial and career matters.

Sagittarius woman dating a libra man

With the proper effort, things will work out better than you think. Libra September October 22 You have gone through some heavy lessons with Saturn in your sign for the past couple of years. Finally, you get to graduate! Take a deep breath and get ready to face the world with a new attitude. You are wiser now, and will begin to see the results from your hard work.

Scorpio October Novemeber 21 Reflect deeply about your priorities and goals as Saturn, the great teacher, enters your sign this month. Be realistic and commit to a steady path. Sagittarius November December 21 You will be pleasantly surprised as you begin to see just how much people are really willing to help you at this time. Capricorn December January 19 The pressure is on and you may not be able to enjoy much down-time this month.

Time to show people your professionalism and dedication. There will be progress this month, but not without major effort, so get busy. Aquarius January February 18 Pressures at work and over finances may overshadow your mood this month, but there is wind in your sails, so use it. You might even be able to sneak away to do something just for fun! Pisces February March 20 Did you get the memo yet!

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You are supposed to be letting go of an old cycle. Sure, there are some unresolved issues from the past. Stop wondering why and start moving forward.

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Over the top sustenance and drink could make them feel rather drowsy and apathetic regarding everything. This can impede your typical consideration and fondness, however it shouldn't. Today various errands around the home could make them feel overpowered, Cancer. Relatives may desert you, abandoning you displeased. Do the most squeezing and leave the rest for when they're home! Some minor yet irritating interchanges could intrude on your normal today.

You won't welcome the diversion, Leo, yet it's best to deal with whatever it is and afterward backpedal to your undertakings. Weariness and lack of concern could entice you to raced to the shopping center and spend a ton of cash on extravagances. You may revel in nourishment and drink. A ton of action could occur around home today. It could include various guests, or it could essentially be a considerable measure of work that needs doing. News of unexpected achievement could come your direction today, flabbergasting you reeling and.

You may feel somewhat entranced, Scorpio, as you don't realize what to do to pass the time. Get-togethers or gathering exercises may demonstrate depleting today, as many individuals might need to exploit your gifts. Overabundance is the word for now, Capricorn. You may feel excessively hopeful and excited about everything, and you could dedicate yourself completely to it each of the a bit too enthusiastically. Today you may feel somewhat discouraged and impassive, as you couldn't care less what happens at this moment.

You may attempt to get your psyche off those emotions by burning through cash. Today you may be with companions who need to go out on the town and burn through cash. Shopping, eating in favor eateries, or going to move clubs could be in their arrangements. The Sagittarians and the Librans are often considered as one of the most wonderful pair among all.

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They act as a support for each other. But one bump in the smooth road is the unpredictable extreme mood swings of the Librans. Being straight forward and uncomplicated the Sagittarius can give them support but fails to provide any right solution. Compatibility of Sagittarius Man and Libra Woman The Sagittarius Man has a wonderful capability of expressing their love for their counterpart. Similarly a Libra woman will surround her partner with a protective cover of love and affection.

They are perfectly compatible with each other. A Libra woman on other hand has a blind faith in her Sagittarius partner. And that is why they also share a very passionate and intimate physical relation which is capable of making others envious.

Gemini and Gemini Compatibility

They share a relationship filled with love and passion. They are just perfect for each other in every aspect. The Libra man will keep his women happy with his resourceful nature.