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Retrieved 27 March London: Pimlico Rand. The Beatles. Apple Records. London: Music Sales Group. Retrieved 13 October You may find that you yearn for freedom at times, so create opportunities to travel and have new experiences. Use these times as opportunities to cross-pollinate your work and ideas. The combination of the 2 and the 5 can be tricky to deal with because it can lead you into frustratingly unproductive ground, but this compound number also has its advantages in the social arena.

Finding a coach or mentor during your Productive Cycle could ensure a very successful career. This compound number also shows characteristics of both the 2 and the 6, which means that underpinning your very driven nature, you need and appreciate partnership and collaboration to get ahead. The vibration of the 6 offers significant talent when it comes to organization and management, and this could be instrumental in helping you balance a happy domestic and family life, with a professional one.

Your relationships with others are likely to benefit from your practical and realistic thinking, especially when others look to you for aid or comfort. Inspiring others through your actions brings great responsibility, so you must work to develop the utmost integrity, especially within the Productive Cycle of your life. This compound number also shows characteristics of both the 2 and the 7, which means that underpinning your humanitarian ideals, is a need to meet and connect with others.

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The vibration of the 7 means that at times, you may need to actually introvert and go within, to listen to your inner voice and make sense of the world. Otherwise, overwhelm may hit, and you will be unable to do the good you so desire to do. You are a very independent individual, initially disliking anything who impinges on your freedom. This compound number also shows characteristics of both the 2 and the 8, which means that underpinning your driven nature, you seek to align your efforts with others, and partnerships and collaborations can bring you much personal joy. The vibration of the 8 means that your ambitions are likely to be focused on materialistic reward or financial success above other things.

Coupled with your Birthday Number 1, success is likely to find you quickly once you enter your Productive Cycle, but you must strive to keep a balance in your life. Misunderstandings between you and your loved ones and associates may develop if you appear not to consider others enough when making decisions. So be sure to include and nurture cooperation and openness.

Because of your logical, thorough and hard-working approach to life, you can be a powerful ally, or, at the very least, an excellent supporter, during the course of your career.

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This compound number also shows characteristics of both the 2 and the 9, which means that underpinning your mission of original expression, you need to create partnership. Trusting and working alongside others may really amplify what you are capable of achieving in the world. The vibration of the 9 lends a wisdom and a love of travel and culture.

At the same time, you may be a little vulnerable to flattery, so work on bolstering your sense of self-worth from within. Combined with your love of social activities and your gift of spontaneity, a career in the creative arts, entertainment or at the edge of business development, could bring you much fulfilment. This compound number also shows characteristics of both the 3 and the 1, which means that underpinning your serious, structured outlook, you are actually fueled by fun and a serious sense of humor!

People warm to you quickly and are then impressed when you prove yourself as a person of strength and substance. You are reliable, practical and methodical in mindset, and also willing and able to take the initiative where necessary.

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