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Are we compatible? Astrology and soulmates. How to know if you're with your soulmate. The most common features of soulmate relationships.

Libra Zodiac Sign Traits

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  • They don't mind, of course - and instead find happiness in seeing the smile on the faces of others. They come off as charming, helpful and generous people, who love to share their possessions and knowledge with those around them. Chatty and sociable, they also love to talk, often wining them many friends. Because of their objectivity and their deep sense of morality, they are often great person to go to when you need a carefully weighed answer to a question or some well thought out advice.

    Because of their tact and diplomacy, it can be sometimes hard to trust their words. Unlike the direct and assertive Aries for example, what they say is carefully chosen. They have a sharp dislike of conflict, sometimes making them rather avoidant when it comes to confrontation. This inability to be direct with their feelings also can sometimes make them seem weak to certain other zodiac signs, meaning that they can be taken advantage of.

    They can take a lot of time to make decisions and this can frustrate other people in their lives. Sometimes this can even be mistaken as laziness. Their ability to be fair is a good thing, but can be problematic in relationships when they have a partner that feels like they should take priority over everyone else. Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck.

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    Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you. In their relationships, those born under the Libra zodiac sign make romantic and devoted partners. Being ruled by the planet venus, you can say that Libra is in love with the idea of love and being loved. This indecisiveness can be potentially hurtful if not controlled.

    Negative Libra Characteristics

    This can be destructive and hurtful to relationships, but their avoidance of conflict means that being direct with their feelings is extremely hard for them to do. Being in love with love, people born under the Libra zodiac sign can sometimes always be searching for a relationship; without one, they feel incomplete and unsettled. When they do find themselves in a relationship, they will give all of themselves - doing everything in their power to make the other person happy.

    They are their best when they feel like they are part of a team. Their innate sense of justice and fairness means that they can also become very argumentative if they perceive that their partner is being unfair, either to them or to other people. Their sense of fairness is especially beneficial for family life because they will strive to attain balance and contentedness between their family members. They cooperate well and share with their siblings in childhood. Balancing spending time with friends and family, while also setting away time for self-reflection is a priority that Libra needs to practice.

    The Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. If Snow White had a zodiac sign, she'd absolutely be a Libra. Characterized by love, peace, and beauty, the Libra is most certainly the fairest of all the zodiac signs.

    LIBRA zodiac sign personality traits & psychology according to astrology

    However, unlike Gemini, the Libra isn't a strong gust of air. Instead, the Libra seeks to divert the Gemini's powerful presence into a peaceful, more harmonious breeze. The Libras encourage us to slow down and enjoy this pleasant change in the air. They care very deeply about others and feel a strong sense of responsibility not only for their own opinions and well-being but for everyone else's around them as well.

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    The Libra is often guilty of caring a little TOO much about what others think. This can cause them to lose sight of their own individuality. Although the Libra may have a lack of independence, they definitely don't have any shortage of interesting ideas to bring to the table.

    Libra Sign Dates, Traits, & More |

    Like the other air signs, Libras are intellectual and are always ready to communicate fresh opinions. Nonetheless, you probably have time for a lunch break while the Libra tries to make a decision — that is, if they ever actually come to one. Decisions will never be taken lightly when a Libra's involved as they're careful to take every factor into consideration and examine everyone's opinion before coming to an assessment. Libras are the stuff of fairytales. The charming and polite Libra will never fail to sweep you off of your feet. As peacekeepers of the zodiac, a Libra won't stand for any kind of unfairness.

    Everything must be peaceful and balanced or the Libra becomes upset.

    Libra Sign Dates & Traits

    In fact, injustice is just about the only thing that can make a Libra get all fired up. This sign will do anything to avoid a conflict and is at their most happy when everyone gets along. Libras make for great friends.